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Your account has been deactivated. Please contact us through our help center at if you need assistance.

If your account access has been deactivated, it's likely due to a violation of our [content policy]( or [terms of use](

If you believe this happened in error, please reach out to []( with the subject line: "Deactivated User Appeal", and include a justification for why your account should be reactivated.

Make sure you are properly signed in. If you are using Browser Auto-login method, make sure the browser is open (You could refresh the browser tab manually if you face any issues, too). If you stored your API key in settings.json, make sure it is accurate. If you stored API key in session, you can reset it with ChatGPT: Reset session command. (HTTP 401 Unauthorized) Potential reasons:

  • 1.Invalid Authentication
  • 2.Incorrect API key provided.
  • 3.Incorrect Organization provided.
    See for more details. ChatGPT error 401: {
    "error": {
    "message": "This key is associated with a deactivated account. If you feel this is an error, contact us through our help center at",
    "type": "invalid_request_error",
    "param": null,
    "code": "account_deactivated"