This Is How You Lose Someone With Trust Issues

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You will lose her by coming home late without a reasonable explanation. By telling her little white lies because you know the truth would get you in trouble. By looking at other girls for a second too long and complimenting them on how attractive they are. By failing to reassure her you are happy in the relationship and proud to be called her boyfriend.
You will lose her by hanging out with your friends at sketchy bars and clubs you never invite her along to. By refusing to tell her where you have been and who has been with you when you come home late from work. By taking too long to answer back texts and then getting mad at her when she calls you out on it. By hiding your phone from her view when you get texts. By talking to girls you really shouldn’t be talking to over snapchat because she will never see the messages. By giving her a million reasons to wonder whether you are secretly screwing her over.

You will lose her by continuing to act like a bachelor after you have promised to commit to her. By refusing to delete your dating apps. By removing your ring when it’s time to party. By not listing her as your girlfriend on social media. By texting your exes late at night when she is in bed beside you. By acting like you are still single and allowed to flirt with anyone you want. By fighting to keep your options open just in case this relationship doesn’t work out.

You will lose a woman with trust issues by making her feel paranoid. By bringing out her worst fears. By making her wonder whether you actually have what it takes to stay loyal or whether you are only with her for the time being because you don’t have any better options at the moment.

You will lose her by writing her off as crazy when she opens up about how uncomfortable your relationship with another woman has become. By jumping into defense-mode instead of hearing her out and calming her down. By insisting on continuing your unhealthy behaviors, because you do not want to change and you do not want to compromise. By brushing off any complaints from her because, from your side, it seems like she is acting irrational. It seems like she is only trying to chain you down, to take away your freedom, which you consider unfair.

You will lose her by disrespecting her. By making a fool of her. By acting like she has no reason to be jealous even though she is entitled to her emotions. By getting pissed off at her when she admits she is scared you are going to leave or cheat or flirt with other women instead of sitting her down and reminding her she is the only one you want. She is the person you have chosen to date — and one day she is the person you will choose to marry. 

by Holly Riordan via Thought Catalog