Middle-aged Liu Qiangdong’s Songs of Chu on All Sides

本文最后更新于 2024年5月16日。

Many people's decision-making in middle age can more or less see the shadow of his youth.




Thirty years ago, in Hangzhou on the Hunan side of Taihu, 25 young people went to a KFC restaurant to apply for interns without a threshold. Twenty-four people were selected, and only one was disgraced.


Thirty years later, this fellow, who even looked down upon KFC restaurant, waved a cheque with his little partner and became a shareholder in KFC China.


Maybe that's the power of money…


It happens that there is a similar case.


While looking at the dishes under the face at the KFC restaurant in Hangzhou on the side of Taihu, occasionally in southern Jiangsu on the side of Taihu, the dishes under the face are also seen.


Many parents in southern Jiangsu will advise their daughters not to fall in love with boys in northern Jiangsu. People in southern Jiangsu do not marry people in northern Jiangsu.


Later, however, a northern Jiangsu man, with 72 tea eggs and the hope of being a leader, came all the way to the four giants of the Chinese Internet and brought home South Jiangsu Americans.


"Riches do not return to their homeland, such as clothes and brocade night trip." Perhaps, this is engraved in Suqian's human body.


More than 2,000 years ago, Xiang Yu fled under his name when he was young. After the success of the Qin Dynasty, he returned home with a large number of treasures and women.


More than two thousand years later, a teenager who grew up eating a hundred family meals became famous and went back home with his beautiful daughter-in-law from southern Jiangsu to send 10,000 red envelopes to every old man.


This "retaliatory" flaunt may be engraved in genes.


More than 20 years ago, he had to break up because he was despised by his girlfriend of three generations who sold CDs at a stall in Zhongguancun.


More than a decade later, when the once despised computer stall was launched on Nasdaq, he not only invited his ex-girlfriend to ring the bell, but also invited her to become Vice President of Jingdong.


So the night in Minnesota was not surprising. Maybe that's what psychology says. All the regrets and unfulfilled dreams of adolescence are redoubled when people reach middle age.




History often likes repetition.


More than 2,000 years ago, a Suqian man saw Qin Shihuang's honor guard during his tour in Zhejiang Province and shouted, "That's the alternative."


Five years ago, another Suqian saw a Zhejiang native ascending to the top of the list of the richest Chinese people with great honor, so he publicly shouted the slogan of "surpassing Ali in five years".


As a result, five years ago, the market value difference between Beijing East and Ali was more than $200 billion. Five years later, the market value difference between Beijing East and Ali was more than $400 billion….


Well, if you boast that you have to pay taxes, Liu Qiangdong sold Jingdong, probably not enough to pay VAT.


Nevertheless, the essence of this kind of porcelain-touching "marketing" is business.


The tremendous topicality has brought huge flows to Jingdong, and these flows have enabled Jingdong to raise a large amount of capital in the capital market.


Especially the marriage with the sister of the flow queen milk tea, let the domestic media help Jingdong free of charge before and after the listing, put up billions of dollars worth of advertising.


Therefore, Liu Qiangdong, who has eaten the sweet head of traffic, has grabbed the commanding heights of public opinion and enormous traffic through rubbing hot spots in a series of national attention events, such as the Red, Yellow and Blue Kindergarten, Kunshan Longge and the stewardess'windmill.


Flow also brought a lot of capital, so that the share price of Jingdong once equaled Baidu, one of the three BAT giants…. Let Liu Qiangdong once become the hottest supergiant in China.


But when you come out, you always have to pay back.


That night in Minnesota, Liu Qiangdong's many years of successful people set a moment of collapse. The once immortal couple became everyone's joke. He always rubbed other people's traffic, but also became the "masters" of countless self-Media traffic.


At this moment, just like Xiang Yu, his hometown of Suqian, Liu Qiangdong, with his "Yu Ji", falls into the midst of all kinds of songs….



Recently, the negative news in Jingdong has been frequent.


From being divorced, being prosecuted again for rape, to the resignation of several CXOs, forcing employees to "996", "cut staff provident fund", and "thoroughly check the relationship between employees'classmates" and "hundreds of people queuing to leave", let alone the bad nature of "school recruitment breach contract"…


It can be said that the "unfortunate" Jingdong has had a series of negative news bursting out every few days recently.


Even the outflow of internal mail shows that in the future, there are three kinds of people to be eliminated in Jingdong: those who can't fight, those who have poor performance and those who have low cost performance.


You know, at this time last year, Liu Qiangdong also vowed that he would not expel any of his brothers.


People believe your myths and treat you as brothers. As a result, you treat brothers as merchandise, considering the cost-effectiveness.


Or is it not your brother who fires? …


In fact, behind the intensification of internal contradictions is the defeat after Minnesota.


To some extent, just like Fan Zeng, Ji Bu, Zhong Lixue and other senior generals of Xichu left Xiangyu one after another at last, they followed you Liu Qiangdonggan for the sake of glory and wealth, not for the sake of no future and being exploited by the "996" type.


Not only do Liu Qiangdong look down upon those executives who can't work well with their money, but they also look down upon Liu Qiangdong, who was abandoned by capital after Minnesota.


Even in the past few years, the "Beijing X Program" that Jingdong has cooperated with various giants has disappeared.


After all, the basis of the logic of flow cooperation of giants is the perfect person set up by Liu Qiangdong, who would like to cooperate with a person who destroyed them in a high-profile way under the current situation?




It is said that the experience of life and death will make a person mature quickly.


The last time Liu Qiangdong stood above the line of life and death was when he was studying in school more than 20 years ago.


Liu Qiangdong, who was in high spirits at that time, invested hundreds of thousands of money earned by his school in a hotel. At the beginning of his business, he doubled the salary of the hotel staff as brothers, moved the dormitory from the basement to the upstairs, and each employee issued a watch for the West Railway City. Instead of letting them eat leftovers, he stir-fried new dishes.


After arranging the system, Liu Qiangdong went back to the National People's Congress with his girlfriend to study and fall in love with him, just as he did in the United States more than 20 years later.


However, Liu Qiangdong, who had been in a happy relationship for half a year, came back to find that his hotel had lost a lot. Originally, the cashier and the chef fell in love, and the dishes could not be checked. Other employees also did not work with high salaries…


The failure of the hotel management led Liu Qiangdong to ruin his family's property, and even his girlfriend, who had been an official for three generations, finally left him to become a civil servant.


However, Liu Qiangdong, who was forced into despair, was not discouraged. He closed the hotel and dismissed the old employees. He took a group of brothers to start his struggle trip in front of the computer booth in Zhongguancun. After more than ten years of struggle, he invited his ex-girlfriend back when the clock rang in Nasdaq.


Perhaps, the shadow of failure in the first venture of that year will always recur in my mind. Perhaps, when young, the edge of life and death in entrepreneurship will always be remembered.


As soon as Liu Qiangdong returned this year, he strictly checked the relationship between male and female friends of employees, and retired senior managers to restructure the team, leading employees to "996" type of work. This series of actions is not a whim, but an attempt to learn from the lessons of that year, to reorganize the flag.


Therefore, Liu Qiangdong, who is deeply engulfed in all directions, seems to be in internal chaos, but still has the opportunity to rise again, as Du Mu said in his poems:


Jiangdong's children are talented and handsome, and it is unknown that they will come back.