Publish Coze Bot to Discord

本文最后更新于 2024年1月7日。

Publish Coze Bot to Discord

1. Go to Discord Developer Portal and Create an Application

  • Go to the Discord Developer Portal. At the top of the Applications page, click "New Application".

  • After filling in the Application name, you can create a new Discord application.

    discord new application

2. Enable Discord Intents

  • In the Application configuration page, switch to "Bot" tab.

  • In the Privileged Gateway Intents section, enable three permissions (Presence Intent, Server Members Intent, Message Content Intent).

  • Remember to click save!

    discord intents

3. Generate a Discord Bot Token

Below the Bot name, click "Reset Token" to generate a new Bot Token, and copy it.

generate discord token

copy discord token

4. Set the Bot Token in Coze

  • Go to Coze bot’s publishing page, click "Configure"

    discord copy bot token to coze

  • Paste the Discord bot token and click "Save".

    discord copy bot token to coze

5. Finally, Publish the Coze Bot to Discord

  • Now, you can publish the bot to Discord via Coze!discord copy bot token to coze

  • After publishing, click "Open in Discord" to chat with your bot in Discord, or "Copy link" to share your Discord bot with your friends.

    publish bot to Discord in coze