yii\base\ErrorException – Class ‘app\controllers\EntryForm’ not found

本文最后更新于 2023年10月26日。

I just tried the Working with Forms tutorial on the "basic" version of Yii v 2.0.0. I followed it step by step, but I guess something is wrong. I have the EntryForm model in place, SiteController has the actionEntry and both the views are there too.

The error picture like this

Error Trace:

1. in /usr/share/nginx/html/basic/controllers/SiteController.php at line 99}public function actionAbout(){return $this->render('about');}public function actionEntry(){$model = new EntryForm;if ($model->load(Yii::$app->request->post()) && $model->validate()) {// valid data received in $model// do something meaningful here about $model ...return $this->render('entry-confirm', ['model' => $model]);} else {// either the page is initially displayed or there is some validation error2. yii\base\ErrorHandler::handleFatalError()

How to resolve:

1.The base namespace in SiteController.php is

namespace app\controllers;

. So you can add 

use app\models\EntryForm;

in the top of file or use 

$model = new \app\models\EntryForm();

for direct select of class.

2. Add this code 

use common\models\EntryForm;

if your model lives under common

  1. Or add this code
     use app\models\EntryForm;

    in SiteController.php solved it.

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